Today, even those men who have never had problems with the appearance of an erection, sometimes want to know how Viagra will affect them and what will be the effect of its use. The name of such a medicine has been a household name for quite some time, as it was this drug that initiated the mass production of a large number of drugs that successfully fight impotence and help men make their erotic life more diverse. The drug is released in double-puff tablets bluish color, which have a dosage of twenty-five, fifty and one hundred milligrams. Viagra reception is performed right in front of sexual intimacy - literally thirty-forty minutes before it. The patient needs to determine the best dosage for himself. Doctors advise you to start with the lowest dose, and that's fifty milligrams. If necessary, you can buy a dose of Viagra in Ireland up to a hundred milligrams.
Due to specific negative factors (depression, disease, prolonged treatment with antihypertensive drugs, etc.) blood circulation in the male body can be disrupted. This phenomenon is often the basis of a weak erection. In the case of problems occur repeatedly during an extended period of time, the patient is diagnosed under the name "erectile dysfunction."
According to statistical information, the increased effect of problems with erectile dysfunction, when the patient takes this remedy, can be observed in eighty percent of cases. Approximately fifteen per cent of men admit that the drug does not eliminate problems with sexual impotence. And only five percent of patients who have tried the drug say that there is no positive result. It should be taken into account that the active element of Viagra sildenafil manages to cause an erection only when the man is naturally excited. That's why foreplay is needed before sexual intercourse.
The drug can be administered on a regular basis. The patient does not get used to it and does not occur adverse reactions in the case when the person does not ignore the main rules of the drug. Before using the tool, it is important to get advice from your own doctor. On the website, you can read in detail the specifics of the drug use.