Originally, sildenafil was synthesized by pharmacists who worked at the Pfizer Research Center in the English city of Sanuij. The active substance was developed in order to treat heart disease. But in the first phase of testing pharmacists have determined that the drug has little effect on angina and hypertension, but can cause excellent erection of the phallus. Pfizer therefore decided to present it as a means to combat impotence.
The drug received a patent in 1996 and was approved for use in 1998. Over time, Viagra began to appear analogues, including natural origin, but today it is still the most sought-after medicine with a weak erection, allowing men to get maximum pleasure from sexual contacts. To date, many medicines are known, which are designed to improve potency. But the action of none of them can be called as effective as that of the presented tool. Why is viagra ireland sometimes powerless? After all, such a drug has a carefully directed effect, eliminating the direct cause, because of which there is erectile dysfunction, that is, if the blood circulation in the phallus is impaired. Sildenafil manages to relax the smooth muscles and activate blood flow in the penis, making it more saturated. In addition to improving potency, the drug is endowed with other important features:
Contributes to improving the quality of sexual contact;
Increases the duration of co-ordinated;
Increases sensory perception;
Reduces recovery time between sexual contact.
It can be noted that sildenafil manages to successfully affect the penis only if there is erotic arousal. Active substance affects the natural processes of erection, because if the patient is not ready for sexual intercourse, not experiencing erotic attraction, the medicine will not effectively affect. In addition, the drug does not always help those patients who have low testosterone levels or have been diagnosed with abnormalities of internal casselevels. The website http://viagrairelandeu.com/stages-of-dental-implantation.php contains detailed information about the drug Viagra and its features.