Poor ecology, low-active lifestyle and bad habits cause irreparable harm to health. As soon as there is a violation of erectile function, the man begins to feel insecure. One of the effective drugs is viagra, the effect of which exceeds expectations.
Features of the drug
The effectiveness of the drug is due to its active substances. Sildanephil, the basis of the tablets, was originally designed to normalize the cardiovascular system. The effective effect of the substance on the erection was revealed by chance after clinical trials. Viagra improves the blood supply to the penis. Normalizing the flow of blood, the drug provokes the onset of erection and its maintenance for a considerable time.
Natural components of the drug do not have a negative impact on human health. The dosage is chosen depending on the severity of erectile dysfunction and its nature. Independent dosage can lead to health problems, so a doctor's consultation is a prerequisite. The effect of the drug and its effectiveness The effectiveness of the drug has been proven by clinical trials. However, viagra in Ireland is not a panacea and in the following cases can harm health:
With a reduced libido. Lack of sex drive is possible as a result of insufficient production of testosterone, taking various drugs; if there are pathologies in the cardiovascular system. The remedy itself does not treat blood supply disorders, it only increases blood flow to the penis. If the vessels lose elasticity, an erection will not occur;

Neurological causes of erectile dysfunction.
In all these cases, the effect of the drug will not help to solve the problem of poor erection. Contacting a specialist will help to identify the cause of erectile dysfunction and start the path to a healthy body. The network of medical centers http://viagraireland.eu/asthenic-syndrome-in-children.html helps to keep patients' health normal, thanks to experienced specialists.
Treatment in the clinic involves an individual approach and prescribing drugs only after diagnosis. The desire to help every patient and modern equipment will help to get rid of health problems in a short time.